Author’s Bio

I’m a 76 year old, gay, Mexican-Jew, high-school-drop-out, retired guy, trying to stay relevant. And I write novels.

I became unemployed soon after “9-11”, I worked for a large investment company with offices in one of the towers of the World Trade Center. They needed to lay off people by Feb 2002 and told a bunch of us working in Palo Alto, Ca (that’s where I was) that we had to go. I had a high position in the company and they were generous, I decided I would retire.

President Bush was starting wars in places we should not have gone. The Iraq war was senseless and for some reason my war experiences from Vietnam came back to haunt me. I was diagnosed with PTSD, a psychological condition brought on by traumatic experiences. I began seeing and smelling scenes from the fighting during the day and having nightmares in my sleep.

I was also aging and didn’t like it, so I began to write.

USS Repose AH16

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